"Exploration into the Eight Fold Path” with Shay Peretz

Join us for this 8 weeks course with Shay!

During the 8 weeks course we explore the Zen Buddhist 8 fold path tradition. Each session we introduce one of these pillars and integrate them into first a phisical flow session and at the end of each session arrive at a sitted meditation. We start with shorter meditation as the course begins and slowly develop and train our minds to focus on being rather then having. 

Discovering Zen ideology and the parallels of yoga and this tradition and inquiring into the nature of virtue. 

About Shay, 

Arriving to Stockholm in 2012 from Venice California; Shay has been in his practice for over 25 years. With teachers and influences Ranging From Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Bhakti Yoga and influence and teachers across studios in the USA and Los Angeles. Shay’s practice and style of teaching is rooted and has evolved from a prolonged residency at Green Gulch Zen Center - a Suzuki Roshi, Soto based Zen Monastery in the San Francisco Bay Area and his experience as a mountain guide in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California. Sharing these influences he teaches weekly active vinyasa and meditation session at nomerous studios in Sweden and abroad.

Starting at Grev Turegatan : 7/9/22

  • Day: Wednesdays
  • Studio: Grev Turegatan
  • Time: 18.45-20.00
  • Duration: 8 week
  • Dates: 7/9, 14/9, 21/9, 28/9, 5/10, 12/10, 19/10, 26/10
  • Price: 1 895 Kr
  • Teacher: Shay Peretz
  • Language: English

PLEASE NOTE: minimum of 10 students.

CANCELLATION POLICY: This course is non- refundable. Exception, if the course is cancelled by studio.