REIKI LEVEL ONE - With Michelle Baker

Reiki Training with Michelle Baker!


Shoden is a Japanese word meaning ‘beginning teachings’. As the word implies, this course is an introduction to Reiki, a hands-on healing therapy with its roots in Japanese origin.

Reiki can be translated as Universal or Spiritual Life Force Energy. It is an intelligent and balancing energy that anyone can tune into that can help the body to heal on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental, energetic & spiritual.

Reiki has a gentle and non-intrusive way to open up the energy pathways in a person’s body for optimum health and is an ideal practice for anyone who is interested in or is already involved in healing or therapeutic work of any kind.

These gatherings are a combination of lectures, discussion, hands-on practice, and home review.

I have split this Reiki training into two days because I truly feel it is beneficial to have a proper break or a night’s sleep to digest the information. 


+ the history of Reiki in Japan and how it became Westernized

+ how Japanese culture is intrinsic in the understanding of Reiki

+ the basics of energy healing work (including the tandens)

+ the Gokai (the five principles) for developing a spiritual and mental connection

+ the hands-on practice of Reiki on self and others (there is an encouragement to practice intuitively, but hand placements are also shown)

+ the first shirushi (symbol) and jumon (mantra) in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage


+ Reiju (also known as an attunement or ceremony) to deepen one’s energetic connection

+ Materials and resources

+ Reiki certificate 

+ Individual follow-up and continuous mentorship if needed

+ Access to a private Facebook group full of resources including articles, book recommendations, inquiry, a place to ask each other for healing sessions, and conversation


If you've never had a reiki session before, it is mandatory to have one prior to Reiki training. I have plenty of recommendations throughout Sweden if you are looking for a practitioner in your area. Please email me to let me know if this is something that you need and I’d be happy to help you with this. 


Although this follow-up is not mandatory, it’s highly recommended. This is a chance for us to check-in to see if you have any lingering questions, comments, or observations you’d like to share that have percolated since class. 

    • Date: 27th & 28th of August 2022
    • Time: 10.00-17.00 Saturday, 10.00-16.00 Sunday
    • Place: Grev Turegatan 18
    • Price: 4200 sek (includes VAT)
    • Teacher: Michelle Baker
    • Language: English

    PLEASE NOTE: minimum of 6 students, maximum of 8

    CANCELLATION POLICY: a cancellation made at least one month prior to class (by July 27th) receives a full refund. A cancellation made after July 27th receives a full refund if someone can take their place in class. Altromondo charges an invoicing/refund fee for cancellation of any kind. In case of emergency or sickness, a doctor's note is mandatory.