Sahara Leigh


 Sahara Leigh is an Author, Shaman, and Alchemist of the Soul.  She teaches folks how to use the every day, mundane aspects of their lives and selves to create their most magical lives possible.  Sahara is a lover of all things edible, herbal and magical. As a child she created potions from the plants she found in the forest and was a constant presence in the kitchens of her Mother and Grandmother. This early interest in plant medicine bloomed into a well-rounded Holistic Practice. Sahara has studied Yoga, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Shamanism, Energy Work, Clairvoyant Meditation and Body Work. Her creative spirit weaves the magical with the medicinal, using Ayurveda, Energy Work, BodyWork, Movement and Plant Medicine, she shows you how everything you touch is a tool that moves you closer to, or further from, your Authentic Self.   You can build your dream reality if you know how to use the tools of your life.

Sahara has over 20 years experience teaching movement, dance, and yoga.  When asked what form of yoga she teaches, she laughs and says simply, "I teach yoga.  Every class is tailored for the Souls who show up."