Theresé Täckenström


Theresé has a bachelor’s degree in dance pedagogics specialising in ballet. She has been teaching dance for kids and adults since 2007, in Sweden and abroad, and loves being able to guide and share sweet moments of movement, choreography and music. Dance lead her into exploring other types of movement such as Pilates, strength training and DNS, but most of all it led her to yoga and a more holistic way to live life. She has been teaching yoga at different studios around Stockholm, corporate yoga and private groups as well as online since 2015. Each summer she is at Shambala Gatherings as one of the teachers during the yearly Yandara Yoga teacher training.

When teaching yoga Theresé tries to make sure that the student understands what s/he is doing, why and how. It is really important to help the student accommodate the practise to his/her needs, ability and body. The practise is supposed to be there for the student, the student should not bend over backwards to fit the mould of the practise.