Yoga Fördjupningskurs steg 2 / Immersion / 40 h (On site or Online)

Deepen your practice in yoga and meditation (Meditation part in english)

You can attend this training on site or online. The first part of the training will be in Swedish and the second part of the training will be in English. NOTE: It is possible to only attend the meditation module with Andrea Boni (20 h) It also possible to attend only one of the meditation sessions.

Teachers: Helena Wintre, Jennie Liljefors, Andrea Boni


  • Module 1: 18-20 of February with Helena Wintre, Jennie Liljefors.
  • Module 2: 25-28 of march with Andrea Boni, Helena Wintre and Jennie Liljefors.


  • Location: Yogashakti, Högbergsatan, Stockholm or Online. Module 2 will only be online.
  • Price: 9 500 SEK, 4 500 SEK if you only wish to attend the meditation module with Andrea Boni, 600 SEK if you wish to attend only a meditation class.


This training contains:

  • Deepening studies in meditation and how you use it during your teaching.
  • Deepening Sadhana practice for your spirituell path.
  • Tools for self reflection you can use when teaching yoga.
  • Tantric philosophy
  • Deepening asana practice
  • Yoga anatomy
  • Pranayama


Denna utbildning innehåller:

  • Fördjupade studier av Meditation och hur du använder det i din yogaundervisning.
  • Fördjupad Sadhana, övningar för din spirituella väg.
  • Verktyg för självreflektion i yogaundervisning.
  • Yogafilosofi utifrån tantrans perspektiv.
  • Fördjupning av din fysiska yogapraktik.
  • Funktionell anatomi kopplat till yoga.
  • Pranayama/andningsövningar.


MODULE 1 (18-20 of February) This module will be taught in Swedish.

Bygg vidare din yoga praktik med Helena och Jennie.

Under detta tillfälle fördjupar vi kunskaperna i yogapraktiken samt inom anatomi kopplat till yoga. Fortsatta studier av Yogafilosofi utifrån tantrans perspektiv.


MODULE 2 (25-28 of March) This module will be held in English. It is possible to attend only this modul ( 20 hours)

Meditation course with Andrea Boni. 

This encounter will be dedicated to the art of meditation to guide you into building a meditative practice that is regular and easy to perform at home. Studying the different levels of the process and addressing difficulties as they arise during the practice.

This four-day training is designed to teach you how to establish an easeful meditation practice and/or expand your current practice to pure awareness.
”MEDITATION IS YOUR NATURAL STATE – You must understand that meditation is your natural state and it occurs spontaneously when you prepare for practice. Preparing means performing certain rituals: posture, breathing, concentrating/focusing, mantra repetition, to name a few. Simply by performing these rituals, we allow meditation to emerge on its own”. – Andrea Boni

The theme of classes are following:

  • Thursday 25 of March


Meditation teaches us to re-establish intimacy with our own inner body and let it shine through the different layers of our experience in the here and now. This class will be devoted to establishing a steady and expanded meditation posture both in our physical body and in our own inner being, allowing our true motivation to spring forth


Gentleness and Inner focus are two of the main ingredients to help our meditation practice grow with ease. This class will help you access the inner world with respect while strengthening your capacity to hold a steady focus for an extended period of time.


  • Friday 26 of March


In meditation we allow the state of our ordinary mind to merge into the natural state of clarity and pure consciousness. The texts of Vedanta speak of the physical body, our mind, and the other facets of our being as “sheaths” or “bodies”, superimposed over the subtle energy of consciousness as layers of an onion.In our meditation journey we actually move through these four layers. This class will teach you to journey through the layers of your inner geography to better savor the intricacies of the inner journey.


Thoughts are a problem when you don’t understand what they are and how to deal with them. The mind does not respond well to harshness.  The practice of dealing with thoughts involves equal parts of rigor and subtlety, practice and understanding. This class will be devoted to spotting your mental and emotional tendencies, residues of habitual thoughts and feelings, and teach you how to release them into the inner field.


  • Saturday 27 of March


Meditation is a perfect laboratory for confronting our obstacles and learning from them. Frustration, dullness, distraction, fatigue, restlessness plague us not only in meditation but also in our daily life. How can we deal with them and make a radical change in our practice? This session is dedicated to examining questions about meditation and using the practices as launching platforms for your inner exploration.


The ultimate goal of meditation is the full surfacing of what the Indian tradition calls “the effulgent Self” or “the Inner Heart”. Relishing in the gentle presence of the Heart teaches you to see the preciousness of your so-called ordinary life and be grateful for its abundant gifts. This class is intended to savor some of the most beautiful meditation practices of the Heart, as instructed in the Yoga and Tantra tradition.


  • Sunday 28 of March


There is current in meditation that will take you to meditation. If you sit long enough you will naturally glide into meditation because meditation is a natural state. What do you need to get yourself to sit there? Krama Margā is a 7 step meditation plan to teach you a fruitful practice. In this class we will go through the system and practice it together.


Sometimes is too hard to soften into the challenge and simply face it. Personal effort is quite relevant but rigidity can turn out to be the number one obstacle.May we all be happy. May we all be free of suffering. May we all be healthy. May we all experience love. This class will be about learning how to settle into the practice with ease and trust. There is no rush. Just take your time to feel into it.



Register by sending an email to . You will receive payment instructions and terms of notice. You may divide the payment in 2 parts. You may receive an invoice if you wish.

Cancellation policy:

We live in a world of constant changand therefore have a cancellation policy created with our best possible intentions for all. Please read carefully and we kindly thank you for your agreement of our policy.

– Cancellation 4 weeks prior to the training a fee of 1 000 kr will be charged.

– Cancellation less than 3 weeks prior to the training 50% of the fee will be repayed. 

– No repayment for cancellation on the day the training begins or later.

– If illness or injury with medical certificate proof before training starts repayment of the total fee except 500 SEK administration fee. If training has begun no reimbursement can be payed, you may be offered a spot to another training.

Altromondoyoga and Yogashakti reserves the right to cancel an training if necessary. In the case of this occurrence, the fee will be fully refunded.