Full moon workshop

Join us on the full moon October 31 in an embrace of the lunar power and align your practice with nature’s cycles.
In different ways, the moon affects all of us. Just think about how the moon affects tidal rythms and how we are made up of 70% water! The brilliant shine of thefull moon has powerful effects on everything from our doings and moods to our yoga practice.
The full moon marks the end of the lunar cycle, a time to release and let go. The energy can be harnessed by setting clear intentions and engage in pranyama, meditation and yoga sequences focusing on your desired ways of being. And of course, you can just join this full moon practise because you love yoga!
The workshop contains:
– Pranayama – breathing exercise
– Yoga Sequence with Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation), and grounding standing and seated postures to reconnect us with the Earth.
– Yoga Nidra – lying down meditation focusing on setting intentions.
All levels are welcome. Teaching is done in English upon request.”