Gong Bath Relaxation – Altromondo Lidingö

Welcome to this peaceful and lovely workshop!

Gong Relaxation is type of sound event that involves using therapeutic gong sounds and vibrations to bring about healing. This is also sometimes referred to as a “gong bath” because participants are “bathed” in meditation gong sound waves. Usually therapeutic, whereas mindfulness meditation has many therapeutic benefits, but its deeper goal is awareness and non-judgmental appreciation of the present moment. No prerequisites needed it enjoy. Just lay down and relax. The Gong Bath is held by Mateusz Krawiec.
Mateusz Krawiec / Sound & Movement Artist
In his work looking for ways to Union of Body, Mind& Awerness. His inclusive approach allow in space he holds for people to explore many ways into meditative states. Background in Yoga, Movement and Soundhealing.
”More 10 years ago. Today Sound Becomes my main practice. Sharing overtones emitting instruments like Gongs and Tibetan Bowls in context of Soundhealing Journeys and Sound Meditation I found very rewarding. When I see people without any meditation background naturally taken to states of tranquill,  centered presence by Gong my life feels meaningfull. I studied to become lawyer yet helping to raise consciousness in organic way became my purpose. I love the to combine both therapeutic and artistic expression of Gong ,Tibetan Bowls, Voice and supporting instruments”.
  • Date: 2/2
  • Time: 18.00-19.45
  • Price: 295 kr
  • Lärare: Mateusz Krawiec / The class will be held in English.