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Mala workshop with The Crystal Clear Path

Mala Workshop – Create your unique & healing mala necklace

A unique journey of co-creation between your hands and your heart.

This workshop is one of Ingas sacred offerings. It truly has the ability to bring out the wisdom within each one of us and guide us towards our highest best!

What to expect…

  • We will start off with a guided meditation to connect to our intuition, intention and creative power
  • Inga will teach you the sacred hand knotting technique which will string the garland of beads, as well as intentions, together in your mala necklace
  • Each participant will receive as much personal help with the technique as needed – we will all leave with a completed necklace!
  • There will be TONS of different crystals, threads, colors and details to choose from! Everything you need to empower you and create your mala beads will be offered
  • A mala necklace is a sacred tool, and it loves being treated with love & reverence. You will receive a LOVE KIT with guidance for how to use, keep, cleanse and empower your mala necklace.
  • We will finish with a shorter guided meditation to seal our intentions in our created necklaces
  • There will be drinks & snacks for you to enjoy!

Inga has been knotting mala necklaces for many years as well as exploring the healing that this co-creation of heart and hands can bring. She will guide you through this journey, sharing all her secrets and tricks as well as crystal wisdom. There is no need for previous experience of any kind to attend this workshop – all are welcome!

This workshop is a co-creation with Free Soul of India – a nonprofit organisation that donates both money and resources to women and children in India, supporting them to have their basic needs met. A big part of the proceeds of this workshop will go directly to aid their beautiful work!

Workshop will be held in either English and/or Swedish, depending on the participants.

*Booking cannot be refunded but you are more then welcome to give your spot to a friend or save your spot for a workshop in the future.


  • Day: Sunday 10/11
  • Time: 13.00-17.30
  • Price: 1290 kr (including your choice of precious stones, guidance, a love kit for taking care of your mala, tea and snacks)
  • Teacher: Inga Smirnova