LEARN MORE ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS – Free online class with Jennie Liljefors

Welcome to this wonderful introduction class where we learn more about how we can use essential oils in our everyday lives.
Essential oils have beneficial substances from nature and have been used for healing since ancient times. The oils can help to awaken and unlock trapped emotions, soothe stress and heal.

You can pour a drop into a glass of water, take a drop under your tongue, rub under the feet, behind the ear, pour a few drops in the bath or in a diffuser.

In this introduction class we learn:

  • Which oils are suitable for what since there are oils to calm the mind, give more energy, give better focus, help us become more calm and sleep better.
  • How to use essential oils and what effects they have.
  • How we can use essential oils in our yoga practice and in our everyday lives.
  • How essential oils can boost our immune system.
  • How to start building your own essential oil collection (in this class we will learn about oils from Doterra)
We strongly recommend to have the following oils at home before the Live class:  Lemon, Peppermint, ZenGest, On Guard och Deep Blue cream.
All of the oils above are available in our webbshop: https://altromondoyogashop.selz.com/categories/essential-oils
We understand that if you don’t want to spend too much money on oils that you are not familiar with. If that’s the case we can send you some samples of these oils. Shipping fee will be paid by the customer. It is also possible to pick up samples from Lidingö studio. For pick up or order, email lidingo@altromondoyoga.com
Shipping within Sweden: 50kr
Shipping outside Sweden: 80kr
Order before 31st of January.