Mother’s Day Yoga Nidra

Welcome to this lovely Yoga Nidra session to honour all Mothers!

Yoga Nidra is an ancient sleep-based meditation technique that has the power to take you to the innermost, deepest levels of relaxation where your whole body and being is permeated by peace of mind and profound stillness. Yoga Nidra is also the perfect practice to let your intention on how you want to live your life sink deep into your soul!

Take this lovely opportunity to recharge and allow yourself to completely surrender your body and let Mother Earth hold you as you melt into her.

This class will be held in English.

  • Dag: Söndag 31/5
  • Tid: 18.00-19.00
  • Plats: Lidingö
  • Pris: 250 kr
  • Lärare: Jennie Liljefors