Activate, Release and Restore with Neesha Zollinger

Active, Release and Restore

You deserve to feel enlivened and activated in your deep core, yet relaxed, released and restored!

This class will combine core and leg work as well as opening, stretching and supported breath work. Targeting specific areas of the body to wake up a little more is part of the method to re-pattern some general tendencies of tight hip flexors. Most humans have tension in the hip flexors, either from stress, sitting too much and/or specific exercises like hiking, biking and running. This class will balance you wherever you lie in the spectrum of possibilities.

All levels welcome.

About Neesha

Neesha Zollinger’s yoga embraces intentionality: cultivating skills and virtues to empower the yoga practitioner to become the person that he or she wants to be both on and off the mat. Her teachings and yoga facilitations support presence and curiosity to continuously open to the body’s intuition. The results are freedom in the body, mind and heart, with a more expansive and uplifted perspective of life. A former professional dancer, she brings in movements and modalities from that education. She is also a certified Anusara Yoga instructor, which combines Hatha Yoga, life-affirming tantric philosophy, balanced action informed by the breath and physical alignment principles. As a mother to 7 year old Stella, she finds that her practice is often taking the skills from the mat to real life situations. Her practice is often being present, seeing the inherent joy in each moment, taking deep breaths and speaking from her years of establishing herself in her center where there is calm and clarity.