Strong Spirit – Soft Heart Women’s Yoga Workshop

Strong Spirit – Soft Heart 

Energy Medicine – Dynamic Movement – Hormone balancing practice – Mood lifting music 

This session is for women who wants to enjoy a early morning practice of joyful, soulful and playful exercise for body spirit mind.
We strengthen the feminine core and explores energy medicine exercises together with mindful breathing work. We also learn soft heart/womb meditation useful for modern wise women of all ages. There will be elements from dance and inspiring music that will spark the playful part of us.
Strong Spirit grew out of the creative work of Line S Efraidsen, as a combination of her knowledge about energy medicine and nature healing, and her work with trauma therapy and field work. Her love for dance and music brings a creative spark to the classes as well as the resting peace, silence and inner calmness.
You will feel your feminine flame coming more to life, and have a greater and softer power to share in your life and with your loved ones.

About Line:

Norwegian/Sami teacher and healer, born in the Arctic but lives in the Southern Norway with her family. Line began her professional coaching practice in Oslo in 2002, using her Kaospilot background from Århus/Denmark as a backbone. She is also trained as Trauma Therapist through the FamilyConstellation/Iopt work of Marta Thorsheim, Bert Hellinger and Franz Ruppert, and she has worked with both groups and individuals since 2010.

Line trained with a Norwegian Wisewoman in the years between 2002-2007 learning the nature healing methods and energy healing medicine for some years before she gave birth the her first child. She combined this with Sami nature knowledge and healing from her Sami Grandparents and ancestors. The indigenous heritage is the cornerstone in all she does, and the love for nature is her compass.

Line began to search for a new approach to work with embodying power and releasing trauma in 2015, and found Yoga Nidra and teacher Uma Dilsmore-Tuli, after that she trained to work with pregnancy and forth trimester and has weekly classes for women in Oslo. All this combined with her experience from dance and gymnastics as a child and her training as a BodyMindSpirit-instructor as a young woman, was used in the creation of many ceremonies for women in the Nordic countries. She also created the Strong Spirit- embodied energyprogram for women, and has weekly Strong Spirit/Feminin Kraft classes with women of all ages in Oslo and outside Oslo where she lives. She teaches classes together with her partner, where he brings in yoga and breath, and she works with drum and energy medicine.
Line enjoys nature-gazing and meditation as her personal daily routine, and explores Mysore Astanga yoga for her own personal growth with her path-showers in Puro Yoga in Oslo.


  • Day: Thursday 30/5
  • Time: 08.30-10.00
  • Price: 220 kr
  • Teacher: Line Efraidsen, the class will be held in English.