Sustainability Workshop: How to detox your mind, body and wardrobe


Learn About The Hidden Chemicals In Our Clothing, and how to live a more sustainable life.

Your clothes are filled with hazardous chemicals for You and the climate. Celia Ingesson has worked in fashion for decades and has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. It has long been her goal to create a line of truly green clothing. That is to say natural fibers and botanical colors, no nasty chemicals. In a workshop about sustainability and overall health the founder of Greeningline brand& platform will talk about how you can detox your wardrobe and life together with Jennie Liljefors. Jennie will share her vision on how yoga, based on her long experience as a teacher, can help us to detoxify both mentally and physically so we can gain strength and harmony in our life. We will end the event with a guided meditation to set our intention to live more sustainably.

Price: Free of charge
Lidingö May 5th 16.30-18.00
Limited spots, make sure to book yours!