Healing yoga Training (20 hours) 8-10 October


  • This training is open for all who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge in Trauma, burnout, PTSD, Infertility and how yoga can be a healing tool (read more about Healing Yoga below).  For their own sake or to learn how to work with yoga as a tool for helping others with healing, relaxation and strengthening.


  • It’s suitable for yoga teachers, but also for all body workers, psychologists, doctors, parents/guardians and schoolteachers that wish to add yoga as a tool in their program.


  • The training will give you great knowledge on how the body works and also space for your own healing, which is important when we wish to help others.


CONTENT: (see schedule below)

  • What trauma is.
  • What PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and burnout is and how the body and brain functions and get affected/symptoms.
  • How to use yoga for healing PTSD and burnout.
  • How healing can bring spiritual development.
  • Breathing and life-force.
  • Mindfulness and meditation as healing.
  • Mantra and mudra as healing.
  • What we as yoga teacher’s/caretakers can do to help.
  • How to create and plan a Healing yoga course.
  • Yoga programmes for processing traumas and for specific areas and conditions such as:
  • Yoga for a tense neck, upper back and stiff shoulders.
  • Yoga to relieve back problems and strengthen adominal muscles.
  • Yoga for stomach and digestion disorders.
  • Yoga for PMS & menopausal concerns.
  • Yoga after miscarriage and infertility. 
  • How to use yoga to wind down. 



Location: Altromondo yoga, Kyrkvägen 4, Lidingö.

Dates: 8-10 October 2020.

Teacher: Jennie Liljefors, plus guest teacher/psychologist Gabriella Svanberg.

Price: 5 800 kr includes the book Healing yoga, Healing yoga Teacher Training manual, Altromondo yoga cotton tote bag, free tea all day.

For registration please email jennie@altromondoyoga.com , you will receive payment instructions be email. The training will be held in English.


We live in a world of constant change and we understand that plans sometimes change and unforeseen circumstances arise, so we find it imperative that we have consistent rules. We have endeavored to make these as fair as possible, and hope you will agree. Thanks for your support. At least 10 participants are required to complete the training.

* Cancellation more than two weeks before start: cancellation fee 1 000 SEK

* Cancellation less than two weeks before start: 50% of the total fee is refundable.

* No refund for cancellations on the day before the course starts and later.

* In case of illness / injury of the kind that you cannot start the training and upon presentation of medical certificate, we will refund the full course fee except SEK 500 kr in administrative fee. If you should suffer serious illness / injury during the course that starts you cannot continue the course, we will move your place to the next training instead, but unfortunately we can not refund money for the training.
Altromonodo yoga reserves the right to cancel a program at any time. If this occurs, a full refund will be issued.



Day 1 – 8 October, 13.30 – 19.30 ( 6 hours)

On this day we will learn what trauma is and what happens to us when we get traumatized and how we can access the Healing Power of Yoga. We will learn how the body and mind is connected and what happens in the brain when we suffer from trauma and burnout so we can understand why we react as we do in traumatic situations and when we get burned out. We will learn about out defenses systems and our alarm systems and how to turn them off. We will learn about the power of breath as lack of breathing is the first thing that happens to us when we become traumatized and burned out.

We will end the day with learning breathing exercises and doing a gentle program from the book Healing yoga focusing on releasing stress, stiffness and blockages in the neck, shoulder and upper back area to increase better breathing and greater harmony.

Day 2- 9 October, 08.30 – 11.30, 13.30 – 17.30 ( 7 hours)

On this day we will address on what happens with our digestive and our reproductive systems when we get traumatized and burned out and how emotional stress had a tendency to often cause blockages and ache in this lower area of the body. We will learn how to release and empower the area by practicing resting back versus opening up in different positions, which gives a great recovery.

We will end the day doing a program from the book Healing yoga focusing on the digestive and reproductive system and fining wish a nourishing Heal-your-Heart meditation.

Day 3- 10 October, 08.30 – 11.30, 13.30 – 17.30 ( 7 hours)

On this day we will focus on how Mindfulness and Meditation can work as healing and learn different techniques.

We will discuss how yoga can be healing tool for specific areas and conditions such as: PMS, Menopausal concerns, Miscarriage and Infertility.

In the afternoon we will learn how we with simple tools actually can learn to see who needs help. We will address how we as yoga teachers, bodyworkers and teachers and can help ourselves/others/students who are burned out or traumatized in some way.

We will discuss how a Healing yoga course, based on the content of the book Healing yoga, can be planned.

We will finish off the training with a total body energy detox workshop to help rinse our system from toxins and blockages so we can become more at ease and also leave the training more energized.



If we feel exhausted, burned out, suffer from severe sadness, depression, PTSD, infertility, PMS, menopause or other physical or mental illness, yoga will be a great tool for recovery and healing. To heal a trauma with the help of yoga is very powerful, it’s a heroic journey where one can do a great deal of work on oneself.

Healing yoga is a type of yoga with a therapeutic focus on recovery developed by Jennie Liljefors. She has based this form of yoga on her own experience of healing from a sexual trauma and on her many years of yoga study. She has also written, among other books,  a highly appreciated book on the subject called ”Healing yoga – the healing power” (Swedish and English version).

The structure of Healing yoga has a great emphasis on biomechanical principles for a healthier alignement. It is calmer yoga focusing on increasing the parasympathetic nervous system. The focus area is both the chest area, to increase better and deeper breath and to open the heart, and the lower part of the body to handle emotional stress that causes rigid hips, stiff and heavy legs, ache in the lower back, blockages and problems with the digestive and reproductive organs.

With Healing yoga we work with the negative effects we suffer from when we have had a traumatic experience such as poor breathing, tense muscles and trouble focusing. We don’t work on the trauma itself which can be a great relief.

By letting yoga become a new habit, we can strengthen our inner self and become more at ease in order to find our willpower back. When we are burned out or suffering from any form of trauma and PTSD the most common thing that happens is that we loose our willpower to live as it gets exchanged to survive power. To live with survive power on fire the whole time is extremely exhausting. By letting the yoga become a new habit we receive more flow and energy, increase our self-esteem which helps us feel a desire to work with our healing, and gain more courage as we begin to feel less fear. By practicing yoga in a safe environment we can be reconciled with ourselves.