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Saturday Morning (Class 2 of 2) 3 hours: Understanding the 24 Hour Ayurveda Dosha Clock.

This class is part of a workshop divided in 2 classes. They can also be taken separately.  

When you practice is just as important as what you practice.

In this session we’ll journey through 3-Dosha Theory and learn how to develop simple Ayurveda routines that synchronize our bodies with the shifting energies of the day.

Our one hour lecture will be followed by a dynamic, nourishing back bend sequence designed to open the heart channels and increase the flow of Prana.

Expect to leave feeling deeply grounded and fully expansive.


Bio Marc Holzman

Avid truth seeker and playful risk-taker, Marc is passionate about refining the art of living and empowering his students to do the same.

As a certified Ayurveda practitioner with over 16 years of experience teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation, Marc divides his time between Los Angeles and Paris. Through large scale workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats, he teaches worldwide either live or via his many classes streamed on

His signature Ayurveda health coaching program,

Evolutionary Habits, has been accelerating the wellness path of students since 2012.

In 2007 Marc founded Guerilla Yogi – a donation-based class paradigm dedicated to building local yoga communities and insuring that students of all economic circumstances have access to yoga.


Schedule & Booking

  • Date: 7/10
  • Time: 10:00-13.00
  • Price: 600 kr
  • Instructor: Marc Holzman