Ayurveda Meets Asana – Full Weekend Workshop with Marc Holzman

Accelerating the Path to Longevity

Healing the body/mind does not begin at the level of the body/mind; it begins with the very source energy that creates it.  That source energy is called Prana, and it moves like the wind (vayu) in five directions within our physiology.

This workshop will give you a clear understanding of the location, direction and movement of Prana by using an integrated approach of Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, and Aromatherapy. With these tools, you will own the essential keys to understanding the inner workings of health and Yogic healing.

The workshops consist of 3 classes, you can attend 1, 2 or 3. For the entire WS you will receive a discount.


Workshop schedule

Friday 17.00-19.00

Preparing the Container: Hip Openers, Restoratives, and Yoga Nidra

A quiet, nourishing practice of great depth. We increase our capacity to hold Prana through deep relaxation.


Saturday 10.30-13.00 

Nourishing Backbends and Core Strengthening

These poses are explored to enhance the flow of Prana that governs metabolism, circulation, and our personal evolution.


Sunday 10.30-13.00 

Yang and Yin: Twists and Forward Folds

Dynamic twists followed by slower hip openers, forward bends, meditation, mantra, and pranayama will be explored to enhance the flow of Prana that governs breath, digestion, speech, and our ability to let go.

Saturday Afternoon 14.00-15.30


Elevate – an introduction to essential oils.

For centuries, essential oils have been used as an alternative medicine to safely and effectively treat numerous physical and psychological ailments. Derived from plants, this potent form of botanical medicine is gaining great momentum.

In this free class you will learn:

  • What essential oils are and how they are distilled
  • How to use oils safely and effectively on your body and in your home
  • How to detox your kitchen
  • How to be an intelligent oil consumer
  • How to use oils in your yoga practice
  • How to enhance your immune system
  • How to begin creating your own home oil-pharmacy

Be prepared to elevate your senses and your life aromatically through the elegance and healing power of Essential Oils.



  • Day: Friday 27/9 – Sunday 29/9
  • Time: 17.00-19.00, 10.30-13-00 and 10.30-13.00
  • Price: 595 kr/class or 1600 kr for all three classes (The workshops consist of 3 classes, you can attend 1, 2 or 3. For the entire WS you will receive a discount).
  • Teacher: Marc Holzman, the workshop will be held in English.


Bio Marc Holzman

Avid truth seeker and playful risk-taker, Marc is passionate about refining the art of living and empowering his students to do the same.

As a certified Ayurveda practitioner with over 18 years of experience teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation, Marc divides his time between Los Angeles and Paris.  Through large scale workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats, he teaches worldwide either live or via his many classes streamed on Yogaglo.com
His signature Ayurveda health coaching program,

Evolutionary Habits, has been accelerating the wellness path of students since 2012.

In 2007 Marc founded Guerilla Yogi– a donation-based class paradigm dedicated to building local yoga communities and insuring that students of all economic circumstances have access to yoga.