Laya Yoga

LAYA YOGA with Ratheesh Mani Acharya

The word “Laya” is Sanskrit and means ” to dissolve”, to melt completely into whatever you’re in; to settle into and merge with. “Yoga” = union

Laya Yoga is a slow, passive form of Hatha Yoga invites the practitioner to ease into a variety of positions and stay there for a longer period of time. Different layers of the body are affected positively when resting in these positions for an extended period of time. Depending on the nature of the asana, Laya Yoga offers relief from conditions such as migraines, hormone imbalances, back pain, etc. 

This meditative practice stimulates muscles, fascia and joints. It also relaxes the nervous system and the mind. Props are used according to the body, condition and ability of each person so that he/she may experience the therapeutic effects of the position. In Laya Yoga you will rest deeply, ultimately meeting and melting into yourself. 

A typical Laya Yoga class is 90 minutes long and is based on Three Pillars:

1/ The posture: The student is invited to experience the nature of a particular posture and how it can be initiated into their practice. A variety of props support each individual and his/her unique needs. 

2/ The mind: While resting in the posture we invite the mind to quiet itself; to listen and digest the yoga process. During this stage, students will receive a reflection on yoga philosophy, pranayama, the Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, or the benefits of the position.

3/ The experience: When moving out of the pose, students are invited to pause; to sense and reflect upon what they experienced and gained while in the pose. 

A focused meditation will end the class. 


Med vår onlinebokning kan du enkelt och smidigt planera och boka in dina yogalektioner. Klassen kostar 300 kr, eller 1 klipp för dig som har klippkort. Som halv/helårs medlem har du full tillgång till den här klassen och behöver inte betala någonting.

Klippkort och medlemsskap kan du köpa online i vår butik.