Temporarily closed due to COVID-19

Dearest yogis,
We hope you and your families are healthy and well in these delicate times. Our loving thoughts goes to all of us, in some way we are all affected by this difficult situation.
We have closely been following the guidelines we receive from our authorities and also what happens in other countries. Institutions like schools, gyms, etc. are closing down. We take the spreading of the Corona virus seriously and we will take our responsibility to prevent any further form of spreading.
So with this notice we need to announce that we will temporarily close our studios from tomorrow Friday 13 of march. 
We do this as a pre emptive measure for all of us and to limit the contagion of COVID-19.
This will happen:
1/ All form of Altromondo memberships will be put on hold for the period we are closed. This will be done by us at AM for you, you don’t need to do anything 🙂
2/ If you are registered to a course it will be postponed, we will get back to you with new dates. If you are registered to a pregnancy course you will receive an additional email from us.
3/ We encourage you during this period to find time for your own practice at home. You can find guidance via our online yoga www.altromondoyoga.com/online. We are also so grateful to be able to offer 40 days of free online yoga and wellness through our lovely friends and colleagues at Yogobe.com, a great platform where you will find many of our teachers and almost 1700 videos. This offer is for those of you who don’t already have an account with Yogobe. Use the campaign code ”omtankealtromondo” when you create your account on Yogobe
4/ Please stay tuned on our social media via Instagram and Facebook for daily pepp and inspiration.
We are of course very sad for this situation, but we hope for your understanding and loving support, we will hopefully announce shortly when we can reopen.
In the meantime let’s all take care and listen carefully to ourselves.  Let’s create som space for ourselves, on and off the mat, to breath, sleep, drink a lot of water, eat well, take walks outside and find time with our family and friends to give and receive love.
These are difficult and trying times for us all, but this is also what we as yogis are practicing for, to cope with what affronts us.
Let’s all try to stay calm and support each other as best as we can and let’s not be driven by fear, but listen to facts, take care of and help each other as much as we can with support and love❤️
We will keep you posted on our website and on our social media, please make sure to follow us!
And we need to remember also this will pass, quicker if we work together ❤️
Love and Grace from us
Jennie Liljefors with Team