Consultations & Treatments

Altromondo Yoga offers you different kinds of consultations and treatments. Private lessons, Holistic Health Coaching, Flower drop Remedy consultations, Essential oils consultations and more. Scroll down for information and booking.

Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching is a process created to support you gain clarity on your life purpose and become your healthiest and best version of yourself.

Do you strive for living a healthy life but find yourself having a hard time staying true to that commitment?

As a Coach, my role is to work with you through some key areas such as Health, Nutrition, Life Purpose, Daily Practices and Spirituality. When you develop mastery in these areas you’ll feel more purposeful and fulfilled in life. As a coach, I typically explore these areas to support your growth. You will develop self-mastery in this process and discover new beliefs, habits, and tools that help you live your best and healthiest life. I’m not here to solve any problems per se, but rather to help you find focus and your own emotional truths and perspectives in life.

The Health coaching program will consist of 5 sessions. We will meet weekly or monthly, whatever option suits you the best (given the current state of the pandemic the sessions will initially be held over Zoom).

To book your Health Coaching program, send an e-mail directly to

  • Price: 3500 SEK for 5 sessions (45 minutes) or 750 SEK for individual sessions.
  • Payment: Invoice or Swish

Flower drop Remedy consultations

Flower remedy therapy can be used for deep healing when you are out of balance, but you don’t need to be unhealthy or unhappy to benefit from flower remedies. Flower remedies can be used as a tool to manifest your goals. Just as doing yoga, meditating and eating a healthy diet can enrich your life, taking flower remedies can be used to raise your vibration and help maintain positivity.

When we have your flower remedy consultation we will talk about your personality (have you always been shy, or are you a perfectionist, a dreamer, etc.), as this will be the foundation of your formula. We will also discuss your goals, your relationships, recent injuries or traumas, and patterns or habits you may be stuck in that could be holding you back. In the session we will choose a remedy for you to help you heal.

* A session includes one chosen remedy.

Sessions can be held in person or over phone.

To book your Flower drop remedy consultations, send an e-mail directly to

Price: 750kr (45 minutes)

Payment: Pay at the studio, Swish, or Invoice.

PT Yoga - Single or Group

Personal training in yoga is a fantastic tool for you who want to get acquainted with yoga or develop your yoga practice.

PT yoga is also used for therapeutic purposes. Many of us carry the trauma, both physical and sensual, that we need to process. Yoga is a great tool for self-healing. Sometimes words are not enough to process, then movements in combination with conversations can be redemptive.

PT yoga is offered to individuals or as a DUO, i.e. two people. It is also possible to book a PT yoga group for special purposes. Many athletes use PT yoga to improve their focus, concentration and capacity.

Talk to our staff or email us and we will match a teacher and a plan based on your wishes. The price of PT varies depending on the teacher, date and the size of the group. 


PT-Single from 1 500KR, 10% off for 5 sessions.

PT-Duo from 1 700KR, 10% discount for 10 sessions.

PT-Group from 2 300KR

Payment: Pay at the studio, Swish, or Invoice.

Personalized Essential Oil Consultation

The use of essential oils  is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts,  to promote health and well-being. The use of essential oils dates back thousands of years,  essential oils have been used to address physical, emotional  and spiritual wellness. Because essential oils are comprised of naturally occurring chemicals that work in synergy with one another, and with the human body, they have powerful therapeutic properties. At Altromondo we work with only pure and safe essential oils (Doterra). 

In the session we will choose oils  ideal for you and provide you with;

• Information on specific oil profiles
• Safe use and application of essential oils
• Custom blends to address specific physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges
To book your  consultation, send an e-mail to

Price: 550kr (45 minutes)

Payment: Pay at the studio, Swish, or Invoice.