Om oss

Hos oss får du tillgång till några av Sveriges bästa yogalärare, och vårt fantastiska team kommer alltid att vara där för att välkomna dig till Altromondo-gemenskapen med ett leende.


Our Teachers

Jennie Liljefors

Jennie is a highly appreciated yoga teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience. Her teaching has a mix of humor and depth and in every class she works with a new theme.

Alice Wikström

Alice is a certified Life Coach with advanced training in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. She is a keynote speaker on the topics of Mindfulness, emotional understanding and mental clarity.

Ann Pierson

My job as a teacher is not to point out how something should look or be exactly, but to guide students in exploration, awareness and to gain trust in their own inner teacher.

Anna Linnarsson Wiklund

Anna´s teachings invite you to build strength, not only physically, but even for your mind, by finding stillness and softening your breath and thinking mind.

Anna Maria Strand

Maria’s classes are rooted in cultivating mindfulness and a compassionate environment – to create a space for her students to be able to learn and explore what is important and true to their own body and mind.

Anders Östman

Anders is teaching mostly Vinyasa yoga and his classes are often slow and soft with mantra singing and meditation.

Cecilia Wikner

Cecilia Wikner has been practicing yoga regularly for more than 20 years. She has practiced many types of yoga but Ashtanga yoga is the method that she mainly teaches.

Charlotte Fredriksson

Charlotte classes are dynamic with elements of strong flows, strength, stillness, contemplation, and intensity for all levels.

Clive Guiver

Clive leads a mindful Vinyasa flow with focus on intelligent sequencing and practical alignment. The practice provides a wonderful platform to explore the relationship between breath, body, and mind.

Erica Elfving

I want to help others grow and thrive. It’s not about me being your compass in this process, it’s about me helping you build your own compass, for you to find your own norther star.

Fredrik Binette

For Fredrik yoga is a holistic way of life where all aspects or tools are part of the whole with meditation, positive thinking, vedanta, breathing, relaxation and of course asana.

Jeanette Johnsson

To Jeanette, yoga is a tool to gain knowledge about yourself and evolve in all layers of who you are. You will leave her classes with a sense of calm, courage and connection.

Karin Schütz

Karin offers a mix of strong flows and calm sequences with time for reflection and recovery. Karin wants to share happiness and energy while at the same time allowing you to meet your true self.

Madeleine Uggla

Madeleine mainly teaches hatha and vinyasa. Her classes are characterized by an pedagogical guidance, the right sense of alignment, assisting and a warm presence.

Magdalena Schmidt

Magdalenas classes often contain both strong challenging flows and calm soft sequences were Pranayama (breathing) always is included as a very central part.

Maja Åström

Maja is, among other things, a physical therapist and a medical Yoga therapist. She has extensive experience in teaching and treatment within the concept of mind-body with a focus on stress-related conditions.

Marianne Engvall

To start with Marianne’s teaching was within Ashtanga, but it has since then developed into different yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Yoga for Athletes, Pre Natal, Post Natal and meditation.

Maria Salomaa

Maria Salomaa discovered yoga in 1996 and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. She is tremendously curious of the asana practise and its benefits, as well as its philosophy, meditation and pranayama.

Milena V Pavlovic

With Kundalini yoga, Milena has been able to face all the imbalances in the body after her life traumas. Today it complements her lifestyle. For her, it is an honor to share it with you.

Naofal Ouazzani

Appreciated for his warm personality and inspiring yoga guidance, Naofal creates insights and happiness both on and outside the mat. One of his key ambitions is to gather people and create a community.

Nathalie Czarnecki

Nathalie is interested in challenging both body and mind and has a strong belief in constantly developing the full potential of the self and getting anchored with the inner voice.

Nicole Hedman

Nicole shares the space together with the class, with a humble presence and welcomes all to experience the transformative effect of Kundalini Yoga for the body and mind.

Rikard Skogberg

Rikard has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years. The interested of body mind and spirit started in the Studies of performing arts. He is a teacher of yin, restorative, hatha, anusara, and Kundalini Yoga.

Rosanna Holmström

Rosanna’s yoga classes are centered around the breath. She shares different practices such as yin yoga, hatha, breathwork and sound healing.

Sandra Janson

Sandra´s own yogapractice started in the Ashtanga Vinyasa System, but rather quickly the practice change and became more of a traditional and classical Hatha yoga with focus on pranayama, mantras & meditation.

Sandra Lones

The heart of Sandras teachings is to keep an open and curious mind as well as building physical strength and flexibility. Her humor is always present as her warming and loving touch.

Sara Svelander

Inspired by nature and dance, Sara creates a space for you to explore your body and your breath. Her classes are often built from a softer and more flowing approach.

Shirin Djavidi

Shirin Djavidi is focused in teaching you to be more mindful with your body, a way to get to know yourself better. To build strength from the inside and out and combining it all with the breath.

Shay Peretz

Shay has been in his practice for over 20 years with teachers and influences ranging from Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Bhakti Yoga and influence and teachers across studios in the USA and Los Angeles.

Sophia Göth

Sophia Göth is a celebrated Yoga teacher, lecturer, bodyworker and healer who leads classes, workshops and retreats internationally.

Theresé Täckenström

Theresé tries to make sure that the student understands what s/he is doing, why and how. It is really important to help the student accommodate the practise to his/her needs, ability and body.

Ulrica Norberg

”When you start taking yourself too seriously, the yoga is gone. For me the yoga practice is all about investigation and exploration in order for your light and insight to appear.”

Yohanna Mannelqvist

Yohannas yoga classes integrate the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga. Yohanna teaches a vinyasa-based asana practice, hands-on adjustments, breath awareness, meditation and deep relaxation.

Nathalie Wahlberg

Nathalie is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher with a background in the performing arts as a dancer and performer.

Our Staff

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