Anna Linnarsson Wiklund


Anna is a RYT 200 certified yoga teacher in various styles including classical hatha yoga, pranayama, prenatal & postnatal yoga, and yoga for cancer survivors. 

She has training in pregnancy yoga with Jennie Liljefors and Ulrica Norberg. She is very inspired by the work of Claudia Spahr, the founder of HolyMama community that empowers mothers, provides mothers to connect with themselves, with each other, their children, and Mother Nature. Anna holds a Holymama Leader Certification. The healing power of yoga and holistic health care are close to Anna´s heart and she has training in Healing Yoga with Jennie Liljefors and is certified yoga for cancer (y4c) -instructor.

Anna´s own yoga journey began with her first pregnancy 2003, and ever since she has integrated yoga into her life. Yoga has given her the tools she has needed to navigate her way through her busy life.

“My yoga practice allows me to find the pause button, to find my breath and to listen to my inner self and my body. Yoga shows me who I really am, and I start to trust the wisdom inside me, again and again.” 

In addition to traditional yoga teachings, Anna has interest in modern medicine and neuroscience, as otherwise working even as a health care professional.