Our Classes

"Everyone can do yoga, if you can breathe, you can do yoga"

Our wish is that our yoga classes will inspire both beginners and more experienced yogis. You can always find a class that suits you depending on your current needs. The most important thing in yoga is that you listen to your own needs, which naturally constantly are changing.


Vår önskan är att våra yogaklasser ska inspirera både nybörjare och mer erfarna yogis. Du kan alltid hitta en klass som passar dig beroende på dina aktuella behov. Det viktigaste i yoga är att lyssna på dina egna behov, som naturligtvis ständigt förändras.

5-week Ground & Flow yoga course with Lwam!

Explore the dynamics of yoga practice in this 5-week Ground & Flow yoga course!

Lwam is a groovy part-time yoga instructor with the mission of spreading awareness, knowledge and tools of well-being amongst our communities. Every session will explore different techniques with the class structure of breathwork, yoga flow, meditation and journaling. 

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Afterwork Vinyasa

Let go of the week and flow into the weekend!

This is a strong, creative and flowing yoga class that aims to soften the whole body and especially strengthen the inner stabilizing muscles. This is a flowing class that lets you let go of the week behind you. Flow and release with movement and breath. 

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Align the body to achieve agility, strength and harmony

Anusara yoga is a dynamic form of hathayoga that provides flexibility, strength and harmony. We work with biomechanical posture principles whose purpose is to align the body correctly. 

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Dynamisk yoga i positioner

Ashtangayoga på Östermalm och Lidingö 

Ashtangayoga är en dynamisk, fysisk och kraftfull form av yoga. Denna yogaform innebär att man synkroniserar andningen med en progressiv serie av ställningar, alltid börjande med solhälsning A och B.

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Beginners Course Intensive

A course for those wanting to dive into yoga with a quick start and/or those who would like to refine the foundations of your yoga practice.

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Broga is a yoga class designed for men where touching your toes isn’t the aim. 

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Cacao Ceremony with Breathwork and Sound Journeywith Nina M


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Celebrate Fall Equinox

Ceremonial Breathwork Training Level 1


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Ceremonial Yin

This is a ceremony that incorporates the heart opening energy of the cacao, yin yoga and sound healing.

During this deep healing session we will start by drinking ceremonial cacao followed by meditation and yin yoga together with sound healing to reach a heart opened, soft and calm state. 

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Deepen your Ashtanga practice - Weekend Work Shop

Flow and Restore

A class that helps us regain strength and energy

A class that helps us regain strength and energy. The first half of class is a soft flow. The other half of the class allows us to land softly in restorative positions where we support the body with props to rest in a relaxed position.

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Fluid Flexibility Masterclass

Gong relax with Naofal

Gong Relax 

Welcome to a 90 minute healing moment in relaxation to the vibrations of sounds. We will use meditation and different instruments to calm down the system and heal the body and mind. 

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Hatha Flow

A dynamic yoga where you start from the basics of Hatha yoga

A dynamic yoga where you start from the basics of Hatha yoga. This class is suitable for those of you who want to practice yoga in a flow, which is performed based on the teacher's composition of movements. 

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Rörelser, andning och meditation som passar både nybörjare och erfarna utövare

Hathayoga på Östermalm och Lidingö

Hathayoga syftar till att skapa balans både för kroppen och sinnet genom asanas, pranayama och meditation. Alla dessa tekniker erbjuds för att hjälpa dig uppnå största möjliga balans och harmoni.

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Healing Yoga Course

Healing yoga – Tools for healing

If we feel teel stressed, or when we suffer from exhaustion, depression, or trauma, the Healing yoga course is a fantastic tool to help with recovery and healing.

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Holistic Stress Relief

Rebalance the nervous system and heal stress in your life.

Stress is all around us and therefore also within us, in our body, heart and mind. It is an activation of the nervous system – a dysregulation. Finding stability helps us out of activation and into a range of regulation, into healing. 

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Immerse yourself in yoga - Five weeks yoga course

Learn the Basics!

This is a course for those wanting to learn more about yoga, the history and philosophy behind the tradition and deepen their knowledge about the most common asanas. Technique and why we practice them.

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Tillfredsställelse och snabba resultat

Kundaliniyoga på Östermalm och Lidingö

I kundaliniyoga fokuserar vi på andningen och asanas tillsammans med chanting, meditation, sång och upprepade positioner i en takt som är så hög och intensiv som du vill.

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Me and Nature

Come closer to nature. Come closer to yourself.

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Medicinsk Yoga

Kurs i Medicinsk Yoga på Östermalm.

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Pocket Rocket

Welcome to "Pocket Rocket," a 1-hour high-intensity yoga class that will leave you feeling energised, strong, and ready to finish the day!

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Pranayama (Breathwork)

Practice breathing to improve upon lifequality

Pranayama is translated as extension or control of prana and lifeforce and is the core essence of the Hatha Yoga Tradition. 

A goal of pranayama is to learn to master the breath i.e. the body's flow of vitality with the aim to calm the mind and as a result we can achieve higher levels of consciousness and concentration in the long run in our everyday life.

The class is structured with a couple of preparatory cleansing exercises followed by breathing techniques and a short meditation. The second half of the class will be practiced in a seated position. 

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Pregnancy Yoga Course

Strengthen your body and calm your mind during pregnancy!

Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic tool to help you accept the great changes that take place in both body and soul during these nine months. The classes are dynamic and alternate with prenatal breathing and relaxation. We also practise breathing techniques for labour work.

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Prepare For Labor Workshop


Single or Group

Personal training in yoga is a fantastic tool for you who want to get acquainted with yoga or develop your yoga practice.

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Terapeutisk yoga som rehabiliterar

Restorvativeyoga på Östermalm och Lidingö

En meditativ och terapeutisk form av yoga där du håller positioner under en längre tid med hjälp av kuddar, filtar och block.

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Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga. 

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Sivananda yoga is a calm yet physical form of Hatha Yoga.

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Sound Bath with Mateusz

Come to just lay down and drift away with vibrations of Gongs and Singing Bowls!

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Strong Flow

Dynamic, strong, joyful

This dynamic class, with elements of yoga philosophy, wants to challenge both body and mind and lure us outside our "comfort zone". With the help of music, innovative sequencing the participants joyfully deepen their yoga.

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The Fall Wellness Retreat

The Fall Wellness Retreat 13 - 15 Oktober

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Consultations and treatments


Yoga med kraftfullt flöde och spännande sekvenser

Vinyasa på Östermalm och Lidingö 

Vinyasa är en kreativ och flytande yogaklass som syftar till att mjuka upp hela kroppen och särskilt stärka de inre stabiliserande musklerna. Vi fokuserar även på att inkludera andningen i dynamiska sekvenser och en medveten närvaro under hela klassen.

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Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic & Strong Vinyasa class!

Vinyasa is a creative and flowing yoga class that aims to soften the whole body and especially strengthen the inner stabilizing muscles. This is a flowing class that lets you let go the day that's been. Flow and release with movement and breath. 

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Yin and Sound Healing

Yin & Sound Healing 

Come join Josephine for Yin Yoga and Sound Healing. A workshop where we aim to go inwards. We focus on releasing tension and stress, dissolving blockages, recharging, softening and letting go. A healing and calming moment where you can just melt, land in your body and be with what is. 

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Yin yoga with Sound Bath

Calmer and more passive form of yoga 

Yin Yoga is a superb complement to other dynamic forms of yoga and other sports. It is a calmer and more passive form of yoga where you work with sitting and lying positions.Sound bath is included in this class. Sound healing is utilized to allow the mind and body to return to a calmer and clearer state. 

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Yinyoga, en lugnare och mer passiv form av yoga

Yinyoga på Östermalm och Lidingö 

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Yoga Basics Course

Yoga for Men Course

A yoga course specialized for men!

In this course we will go through how we can modify yoga poses for a tight male body. 

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Yoga for Teenagers

Are you curious about Yoga?

This course is intended for teenagers between the ages of 13-17 to explore and deepen self exploration and awareness through the practice of yoga. 

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Yoga Nidra

Meditativ djupavslappning

Yoga Nidra på Östermalm och Lidingö

Yoga Nidra är en horisontell, guidad djupavslappning i meditation som ofta kallas "yogisk sömn".

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Yoga with Jennie

Welcome to 60 minutes of lovely yoga practice. 

My wish is to offer a small “middle-of-the-day-and-week-retreat-class”. I will design the class accordingly to the energy of the day as well as to the students of the class.

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