Exhale the old, Invite the new!

End 2023 in the best way. A warm welcome to Altromondo's New Year's yoga with Ann Pierson. In yogic fellowship we exhale the old and invite the new. It will be a class with both a dynamic flowing vinyasa and silence for reflection on your innermost desires for the new year. The theme for the class is SANKALPA. 

Sankalpa is a concept in the yoga tradition, a Sanskrit word that can be described as a formulated intention from the depths of the heart. A method of sowing the seeds of our inner longing in the consciousness and with it paying attention and giving our power and nourishment to what we want to see grow and flourish in our lives.

  • Date: 31/12
  • Time: 10:30-12:00
  • Place: Östermalm
  • Teacher: Ann Pierson

Warm Welcome!


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