Single or Group

Personal training in yoga is a fantastic tool for you who want to get acquainted with yoga or develop your yoga practice.

PT yoga is also used for therapeutic purposes. Many of us carry the trauma, both physical and sensual, that we need to process. Yoga is a great tool for self-healing. Sometimes words are not enough to process, then movements in combination with conversations can be redemptive.

PT yoga is offered to individuals or as a DUO, i.e. two people. It is also possible to book a PT yoga group for special purposes. Many athletes use PT yoga to improve their focus, concentration and capacity.

Want to book?

Talk to our staff or email us at and we will match a teacher and a plan based on your wishes. The price of PT varies depending on the teacher, date and the size of the group. 


PT-Single from 1 500KR, 10% off for 5 sessions.

PT-Duo from 1 800KR, 10% discount for 10 sessions.

PT-Group, price by request. Contact studio for more information. 

Payment: Pay at the studio, Swish, or Invoice.


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