Anna Maria Strand


Maria’s classes are rooted in cultivating mindfulness and a compassionate environment – to create a safe space for her students to be able to learn and explore what is important and true to their own body and mind. She is passionate about sharing the healing tools that yoga offers and blends philosophy, poetry and anatomy into her classes.
She holds + 400 hours of training in Hatha, Yin, Pranayama and Trauma Sensitive Informed yoga.

“ My own encounter with yoga was life-changing. In a time of illness, pain and grief, yoga helped me regain my energy and vitality and a deepened awareness in relation to myself, my body and life. Through breathing, movement and a more conscious presence, I was able to loosen tension and release difficult and stuck emotions. I found through yoga, within myself, tools that I use daily and that make me feel more equipped to face life with a little more equanimity, awareness, and gratitude.
The beauty of yoga's tools is that we all have access to these within us. As a teacher you sow a seed, get the opportunity to show the way to this power we all possess.”
/Maria Strand