Ann Pierson


My first encounter with yoga decades ago awoke an immediate passion and a deep knowing that I had found my way to well-being in all aspects of life. That first pivotal step on to a yoga mat was the beginning of a long dedicated journey and continuous exploration of yoga. On my path I have been fortunate to practice and study a variety of yoga styles and philosophical traditions with many wise and inspiring masters and teachers here in Sweden and around the globe. I am forever grateful for the insight and guidance that I have been given and continue to receive, study and integrate in my practice, teachings, and lifestyle. The deeper I go, the more awe and reverenceI I feel for this ancient tradition and it’s timeless wisdom and transformative power. 

Yoga helps me stay present and aware. Through the practice I have become strong and flexible in body and mind. It has also taught me to listen inward and trust my inner knowing. But above all, yoga opens the heart. And an open heart wants to give. My experience and the benefits from yoga is simply too good to keep to myself. It is a pure joy to share my knowledge and be of service for others in discovering yoga and their true selves. 

I am a full time certified 500+ teacher with extensive training in hatha, ashtanga, rocket vinyasa, yin yoga, mindfulness and more. My job as a teacher is not to point out how something should look or be exactly, but to guide students in exploration, awareness and to gain trust in their own inner teacher. Yoga is not about conforming to a certain shape or ideal, we have enough of that already. It is to bring forth each individual’s unique essence and creativity. My intent is first and foremost to inspire this process. That could be through self observation in a more or less challenging posture sequence, by breathwork, reflection or meditation. All this can be an intense experience in many ways, but it is never about accomplishment. 

There are many ways to reach a state of yoga and as each individual is unique with unique abilities, needs and life situations, so I strongly feel that the practice works best in humbly adapting to these circumstances – not the opposite. My classes are known to be intuitive, playful, and dynamic, but not demanding. Allow and trust are key aspects, as is exploring different entries and variations. I love to weave in philosophy, sometimes a poem or a story from the mythology mixed with the flow of postures and exercises. 

It is a gift we have been given, this wonderful system for transformation and its methods to help eliminate blockages, patterns and beliefs and come back to our natural state of balance and harmony. To feel true peace and freedom to be who we so perfectly are already. 

Welcome to class.