Sophia Göth


Sophia Göth is a celebrated Yoga teacher, lecturer, bodyworker and healer who leads classes, workshops and retreats internationally. She holds advanced certifications in Kundalini Yoga, Yogatherapy and massage therapy and works with a diverse clientele including individuals motivated to improve their lives as well as high-profile clients. Sophia draws from over 2 decades of experience in her holistic approach to healing which addresses the mind, body and spirit of her clients. 
Sophia encourages the students to go beyond their limitations and discover their inner strength and joy, intuitive wisdom and spiritual freedom. Sophia’s classes are joy-filled, educational, inspiring and practical. –Through yoga and meditation we nourish and foster the soul, we realize our own potential and we achieve deep healing.
”Yoga is for me, the step by step process, to connect with your infinite inner resources. To be awake, alive and prosperous. To be ahead of time, to be present. To know thyself!”
To be human, means we have to handle the uncertainty and difficulties that come our way. Life is full of challenges, which disrupts our lives but our lives are also filled with happiness, magic, peace and meaning. 
I am passionate about sharing the tools of Kundalini Yoga!
With Love&Light