Fuid Flexibility Weekend Workshop

Fluid Flexibility Workshop

FLUID FLEXIBILITY WORKSHOP Friday 22/9 17:00-19:00

Francesca's signature class combines active flexibility, movement fluidity, creating elegance in every movement while building flexibility and strength in the most intelligent way.
This fluid, dynamic flow focuses on transitions to strengthen your body and help you move with conscious control.
More effective than passively stretching, this class allows you to explore and directly apply your mobility by finding the engagement of core muscle groups while working on deepening postures in a safe manner that supports the body.
After warming up with tune-in movements to connect to your body and enter a calm state of mind, you’ll progress into a total body flow, appropriate for all levels, with sequences designed to bring focus on alignment and to challenge the body mentally and physically.   

BACKBEND WORKSHOP Saturday 23/9 10:00-12:30

Delve deep into the world of yoga backbends with this targeted workshop. From Camel to Chest stand, we'll navigate the spectrum of backbends that yoga has to offer.
We will look briefly at the anatomy involved in back bending which will include more than just the spine! 
I will share with with you my favourite warmups, a few "drills" to open the front of the body, strengthen the back and loosen shoulders and chest area. 
We will also look at how different body types approach backbends differently, why we backbend and how to do this safely, confidently and with control.
This workshop will guide you safely into the heart-expanding benefits of backbends, enhancing your practice and unlocking a new level of inner peace. Join me to awaken your spine, broaden your heart, and deepen your yoga journey! 

  • Dates: 22/9 and 23/9 
  • Time: Friday 17:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-12:30
  • Place: Östermalm
  • Teacher: Francecsca  Golfetto
  • Price: 1250 kr (including tea and light snack) Book full workshop by pressing button below -Book Now. It is also possible to join a single class. Friday 650 kr, Saturday 750kr. Contact us at info@altromondoyoga.com for booking a single class.
  • Language: English 

Francesca Golfetto is a yoga instructor with more than 10 years experience as a professional ballet dancer. The transition from dancing was triggered by an injury and yoga has been essential for her personal recovery, both mentally and physically. As a teacher, Francesca has found a passion in utilizing her experience to guide her students through the wide benefits of yoga. Her style is based on fluidity of movements, using a combination of active flexibility and mobility to create strength without building tension. Her classes are recognized for a high level of energy, a bit of laughter and a wide range of natural sequences aiming to benefit body and mind for all levels.


This class can be cancelled with a full refund up to 1 week before, by April 7th. No refund can be given less than 7 days before the workshop starts.