The lifestyle choices that can extend your life!

A workshop on how boost your health!

Our lifestyle choices can improve and affect our well-being in many respects. During this lecture you will learn all about the 5 habits that are said to add healthy years in life. According to the latest research, it is precisely the lifestyle and the habits that we can influence that in the long run can give us a longer and healthier life. We sort out what the different habits are, why it is so important to get all components of the lifestyle balanced, break them down and discuss how we can bring more of them into our lives. And how we are affected by not taking care of them.

Of course, these habits include a balanced and healthy diet, which we will go through

In addition, we talk about the 9 so-called power habits (of which the five above are included) that the people in "The Blue Zones" (those who live the longest and are happiest in the world) live by.

  • Date: Saturday 13/11
  • Time: 13.00-15.00
  • Place: Lidingö
  • Teacher: Charlotte Fredriksson
  • Price: 390 kr (a welcome beverage, tea and snacks are included)
  • Language: Swedish