Kundalini Workshop - Setting your intentions for 2024

We are to treasure and use the energy of the New Year to our advantage. It’s a possibility to start anew, with new experiences and fresh perspectives. The coming year of 2024 is about being a channel for healing. How to be a medicinal drop in the ocean of life. Just like the river needs to keep moving we have an instinctive need, inside of us, to keep the flow going. To be in the flow of your own vital-force not somebody else’s. We will begin the year by better understanding – the breath of life and how we can draw on that energy, always. 

Lead words for 2024 is “fearless, timeless and undying”. By connecting through the depth of being we are able to transform. Welcome 2024!

Through this workshop you will gain:

- Physical, emotional, and mental flexibility

- Tapping into the infinite source of energy available to you. 

- Polarity as a tool for unity and connection

Class includes Kriya, meditation, chanting and Gong relaxation, please bring pen and paper. 

Sophia Göth is an appreciated yoga teacher, lecturer, body therapist and healer with more than 20 years of experience.  

- “Kundalini Yoga enriches my inner life and gives me realistic tools to handle my everyday life”.

All are Welcome! 

Sat Nam


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