Kundalini Emerssion - Celebrating Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Celebration 

- The day of Equal Light 

Spring Equinox is one of 4 pillars that supports this time frame we call “a year”. Throughout the ages many Spiritual Paths celebrated this auspicious time in deep meditation. The day and night are equally long, male and female energies are in perfect balance and nature is supporting you in creating new healthy habits. Spring and especially spring equinox, is associated with a time of cleansing, of renewal and rebirth. I invite you to welcome the new season and reprogram yourself.How can you channel your energy so that your direction is clear, and your awareness is sharp? We consciously “plant the seeds” at this time of year to support our journey leading up to Summer Solstice. 

Class includes Kriya, meditation, chanting and Gong relaxation, please bring pen and paper. 

Sophia Göth is an appreciated yoga teacher, lecturer, body therapist and healer with more than 20 years of experience. -“Kundalini Yoga enriches my inner life and gives me realistic tools to handle my everyday life”.

All are Welcome! 

Sat Nam




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