Morning practice with cold water dip

Enjoy a wonderful outdoor practice, cold water dip and warm breakfast!

See you at Askrikes boat harbor bathing pier (Lidingö) for a lovely morning and start of the day!

Breathing exercises with Jennie's favorite oil for the day, a dynamnic yoga practice and short meditation. End the practise with a  dip in the ocean and a warm breakfast including coffee / tea and a warm gluten-free oatmeal.

Bring your own mat, blanket and dress layer by layer, even hat and gloves can be handy!

Do not forget swimwear! One tip is to wear them under yoga clothes.

Day & Time: Wednesdays, 06.30-07.45

Price:  Book as usual on our website or through the app with clipcard/membership or drop in for 250 kr.

Tea and coffee included and will be served after the cold water dip!


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