Restorative and Massage

Join us for an amazing Restorative Yoga, Massage and Aromatherapy. Our practice will commence in a candle-lit room… and by “practice” we mean nestle down into a deep, deep space of yogic relaxation. 

Once settled in a Restorative Pose you will be led through a guided meditation as Sahara goes around the room, and one by one offers each of you massage and energy work. A specific essential oil will be chosen depending on the intention of our practice and will be offered throughout the evening. This is a unique yoga experience that is open to all levels and is guaranteed to leave you blissed out and in perfect alignment with yourself.

  • Date: 26/3
  • Time: 18:00-21:00
  • Place: Lidingö
  • Teacher: Sahara Leigh
  • Price: 550 KR (workshop,  light snack and tea included)
  • Language: English